Josie Mazzo Children's Charities

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"Just because life is cut short doesn't mean it can't provide 

a lifetime of impact for those still living."  ~Frederick Buechner

Josie's Favorites

Color:  Purple

Animal:  Butterflies

TV Show:  Angelina Ballerina

Movie:  Cinderella

Activity:  Dancing

Josie Renae Mazzo

7/31/01 - 4/23/06

Josie's Story

Lifetime of joy in a short time with us

Josie was 110% the "girlie-girl" - she loved tea parties, Barbies, Hello Kitty, and, most of all, playing dress-up.  She brought a lifetime of joy to the lives she touched before losing her battle with Mitochondrial Disease on April 23, 2006, at the age of 4.  

Since then, we looked at ways to learn and grow from our experiences, as well as for ways to help other children and families facing similar circumstances. We successfully found a way to help others through Josie Mazzo Children's Charities, founded February 2007.  Special thanks to our friends and family for supporting us.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you!


Tony and Mendy Mazzo

Parents of Josie and Sam Mazzo

Founders of Josie Mazzo Children's Charities