Josie Mazzo Children's Charities (JMCC) was established in 2007 to fund research of rare childhood diseases and to provide resources for families of the children who suffer from these illnesses.


Josie brought a lifetime of joy to the lives she touched before losing her battle with Mitochondrial Disease on April 23, 2006.


JMCC aims to raise funds and distribute it to families of children with long-term medical conditions and to other non-profit organizations that support these children and their families.


The UMDF, in partnership with Genetic Alliance and Private Access, has announced the creation and launch of the Mitochondrial Disease Community Registry (MDCR)..

Josie Mazzo Children's Charities

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The Josie Mazzo Children's Charities funds research of rare childhood disease and provides resources to families of the children who suffer from these illnesses.

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